I’ve been on a healthy eating journey for many years.  Starting at age 28 when I discovered I was severely hypoglycemic, I’ve adjusted and changed my diet and the eating habits of those around me.

Fill your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables!

This journey has, in the past few years, led me to remove processed foods, gluten and preservatives from my diet.  The change in how I feel both physically and emotionally has been the inspiration for this podcast and for my main blog http://ThinStrongHealthy.com.  An unexpected result of these changes was a significant drop in weight.

Imagine, changing the way you eat and losing weight without trying and without subjecting yourself to “diets” and the resulting yo-yo weight lose-then-gain that happens all the time.  

My mission is to share my discoveries to benefit you whether you’re in West Suburban Boston, Massachusetts where I live or with my international internet community!

I didn’t just learn this… I live it!


Cheryl A Major, CNWC